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Trace Mineral Power Pak Lemon Berry Immunity


Trace Mineral Power Pak Lemon Berry Immunity, the ultimate fusion of essential minerals and immune-boosting nutrients in a deliciously tangy lemon berry flavor. Formulated to support your body’s natural defense mechanisms and promote overall well-being, this convenient drink mix is your go-to solution for staying healthy and energized.



Packed with a potent blend of trace minerals, electrolytes, and immune-enhancing ingredients, our Power Pak delivers a revitalizing boost to your immune system when you need it most. Each serving is bursting with essential nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, and antioxidants, all carefully selected to help fortify your body’s defenses and ward off illness.

Our innovative formula is designed for maximum absorption and bioavailability, ensuring that you receive the full benefits of every nutrient-packed serving. Simply mix with water for a refreshing and hydrating drink that nourishes your body from the inside out.


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